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Июн 10, 2018
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Photoshop Basics & Tools — Part 5

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About This Weeks Tutorial:
In this video tutorial I'll run through the Clone stamp & Pattern stamp tool. We will also discuss the History brush & Art History brush tool.

I will discuss some basic points after which I'll create a new layer and some pimples on the model. I'll merge the layer and then use the Clone stamp tool to remove all pimples.

I will also show you a quick technique to use the Pattern clone stamp tool. Afterwards, I will use the History brush tool and show you how to remove all the patterns and effects.
Last step will be the Art History brush, which I don't really use much, but the effect could be handy to some of you.

Please note: When working with the Clone stamp tool, select sample areas that are close to the section you are cloning.

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