My entry for the cut&paste contest - background img
Июн 13, 2018
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My entry for the cut&paste contest

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The animation tells in eight seconds the creative process of most photoshop-projects.
It starts with the merging of several photoshop logos into the shape of a digital camera.
The camera is the first visual element and represents the starting point of most projects.
During the next step in the photoshop storyline the images are edited, manipulated and shaped to heart’s desire.
I thought this step is best visualized by the well-known photoshop-arrow.

This second element refers to all the different tools and features a designer can learn to master.
When creativity and photoshop skills come together the possibilities of handling and editing images are endless.
The opening of the box represents those abilities and skills.
Photoshop is not a bounding box of possibilities but a platform where the only boundary is your own creativity.

Photography and design have always been a source of great interest and fascination.
Three years ago I started working with Flash and Photoshop.
Last year, while following the evolution of the internet and its graphical possibilities,
I became more and more interested in motion graphics and this led to my first steps in After Effects.
This animation is the representation of my abilities to this day. I hope you like it.

Animation by mr81
Sound design by Arnout van Damme

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