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Июн 13, 2018
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When I was heavily into poetry writing, I would sometimes find myself in a place where it seemed my poetic voice had withered away and fled me. In response I would usually begin to write a poem about lack of inspiration and the feeling of having no grace remaining. By the end, I usually had an acceptable poem and some small reassurance that my Muse would never truly abandon me.

As this summer has waned I have experienced a similar sense of vagueness about my video work. My last two pieces (which I've judiciously removed from this site) were big, complicated--and utterly, meaninglessly aimless. They lacked any clear subject or idea. They were empty calories, and aren't there enough of those just laying around to be consumed online?

So what you get, instead, is this. Still airy to a degree, but it expresses something I think many would find familiar. This is my poem about failing to make poetry. Thoughts come forth, half-formed; they elude definition; and they exit without ever reaching solidity. They come from the experience of the senses, pass through the mind's comprehending net without ever growing entangled, and continue on into the aether.

And here... it would look something like this.

Note: All video and audio in this piece is of my own creation. The audio composition I made using the Tonematrix website. Video was edited and manipulated in Adobe Premier (CS6 version).

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