Fife Constabulary Graduation Ceremony 2011 - Video Intro Sequence - background img
Июн 20, 2018
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Fife Constabulary Graduation Ceremony 2011 — Video Intro Sequence

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An inspirational and informative introduction sequence for display on a large video display at the beginning of the Fife Constabulary Graduation Ceremony on the 18th of January, 2011.

The sequence was created in Apple's 'Keynote', with titles and images edited in Adobe Photoshop. The Fife Constabulary emblem was also modified in Photoshop to create the Graduation Ceremony logo.

I have recently been teaching myself how to use Final Cut Express, and hope to use this program to produce more professional motion graphics and video sequences after sourcing a better collection of effects and transition plug-ins. Particularly particle and smoke transitions, if anyone out there could help?

The soundtrack to this sequence is «Butterflies and Hurricanes» by Muse.


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