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Июн 13, 2018
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Editor Conversations V2: A Conversation with Legendary Film Editor Susan E. Morse, ACE

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Susan E. Morse ACE, known as “Sandy,” graduated Yale with a degree in History before going to Film School at NYU. She never graduated film school, though, because she took an internship that turned into a job and she never looked back.

Early in her career she was an Assistant Editor, working on «Annie Hall» and Interiors. After assisting on a handful of films, she became Woody Allen’s film editor, across the 22-year height of his filmmaking career.

But her career isn’t all Woody. In 1980, Sandy was Associate Editor alongside Thelma Schoonmaker on «Raging Bull,» worked on Marc Lawrence’s «Two Week’s Notice,» «Music and Lyrics» and «Did You Hear About The Morgans?,» and cut episodes of «Louie» and «Billions». Right now, she’s working down the hall here at Light Iron on a feature called «Novitiate.»

She has been nominated for an Oscar, 5 BAFTAs and an Emmy. When she was honored with a Muse Award in 2005, she publicly thanked every one of her Assistant Editors as part of her presentation.

Her credits include:
«Annie Hall» (Woody Allen, 1977)
«Interiors» (Woody Allen, 1978)
«Manhattan» (Woody Allen, 1979)
«Raging Bull» (Martin Scorsese, 1980)
«Arthur» (Steve Gordon, 1981)
«Zelig» (Woody Allen, 1983)
«The Purple Rose of Cairo» (Woody Allen, 1985)
«Hannah and Her Sisters» (Woody Allen, 1986)
«Radio Days» (Woody Allen, 1987)
«Crimes and Misdemeanors» (Woody Allen, 1989)
«Husbands and Wives» (Woody Allen, 1992)
«Manhattan Murder Mystery» (Woody Allen, 1993)
«Bullets Over Broadway» (Woody Allen, 1994)
«Mighty Aphrodite» (Woody Allen, 1995)
«Deconstructing Harry» (Woody Allen, 1997)
«Celebrity» (Woody Allen, 1998)
«Two Week’s Notice» (Marc Lawrence, 2002)
«Music and Lyrics» (Marc Lawrence, 2007)
«The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond» (Jodie Markell, 2008)
«Did You Hear About the Morgans?» (Marc Lawrence, 2009)
«Louie» (TV Series, 2012)
«Billions» (TV Series, 2016)

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