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Июл 10, 2018
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Beach days with my muse (and a drone)

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An editing exercise as I learn Adobe Premiere. Filmed on Ocean Shores beach, just north of Byron Bay in sunny Australia, after we summited Mount Warning overnight for the sunrise. Heading to the beach to rest afterwards, I took the opportunity to fly my new Mavic Air for the second time (the first time ever was from the summit... fully expecting my new robot friend to disappear down in the rainforest somewhere).

Conscious of how many times I've shot GoPro footage and not used it, I committed to editing the footage into some kind of package. Partly to avoid «film and forget» syndrome, and partly to begin to learn video editing proper.

In this exercise, I was keeping it simple and just observing workflows and basic edits. No transitions, colour grading or other editing in mind. In turn this let me focus on workflow specifics, as well as taking notes on what that day's random drone flying resulted in... what worked, what shots were missed in transition/adjustment, and what I would storyboard proper next time around. A fun and useful exercise.

Track edited to us Truth Is Light by Joe Goddard, represented by Domino Recording Co. I've made a quick edit in Ableton for length (including a couple of hasty fades as that beautiful vocal leads into the first beat of the following bars). Used for educational purposes only (thank you Joe!).


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