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Июн 13, 2018
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Awakening — an experience with the Flycam Nano + Sony a55 + Sigma 10-20mm.

Another hommage to our beautiful planet and to the infinite power of nature. We need to awake...

This is my 3rd experience with video filming and editing. I bought the Sony a55 mainly for shooting landscapes, but I want to explore it´s video potential.

I bought the Flycam Nano 3 months ago, after hearing about it at the essential Cheesycam website ( The first experience didn´t go very well, due to a non-locking knob problem, but Proaim (the seller) showed an amazing example of good customer service and readily sent me a new updated version at no cost to me.

This was my first experience with the new Flycam Nano. It was also the 4th time I used a steadicam, and the first time I used it outdoors.

It was extremely windy on that day, which didn´t make things easy. As if it wasn´t enough, those powerful waves crashing against the coastline sent huge masses of sea vapour into the air, which would «soak» my ND Grad filters in seconds. That is the reason why there is so much flare and drops of water in the image. I think I must have cleaned my filters about 20 times in 2 hours.

I filmed with a Sony a55 and a Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm. I used aperture priority mode, with manual focus set to infinity and f8-f11 aperture. Since the Sony doesn´t have full manual mode, I used an aperture which would give me the desired shutter speed, at 1/50th second. Fortunately I didn´t have to use full ND filters, but I used two ND Grad filters for the sky.

The video was edited in the new Pinnacle Avid Studio, which is so far, by a huge margin, the best video editor I have ever used (and I have tried Adobe Premiere, Premiere Elements, AVS, Cyberlink Powerdirector, Sony Vegas and Pinnacle Studio). It is extremely intuitive, powerful, VERY fast, consuming much less RAM than the others, it has magic bullet look and other useful plugins, and it doesn´t clog the computer when it´s exporting video.

Music by Muse — Exogenesis part 3 — I had to edit the audio file so that it would last through the whole video. This involved repeating some pieces of the song, using Audacity audio editing software.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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