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Июн 19, 2018
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Analogic vs Digital

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This was a semestral project for the Plastic Expression and Multimedia Course of the Design & Multimedia MSc Degree. It was made in collaboration with Tânia Oliveira, Eloïse Simões and Maria Rita Nogueira. It is a videoclip for the song «Isolated System» by Muse from their album «The Second Law», which is a social critique.
We decided to recreate a student's day, which is filled with routines and constant movement. The student is portrayed as a robot to emphasize that. This video uses both filmed footage and a 3D object, our robot, because it was required that the project had both an analogic and a digital component.

We used Rhinoceros and Cinema 4D for the robot's modulation and animation and Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro for the final video.

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